Royal Philips


Philips Consumer Lifestyle's (A&NZ) brief was to design and deliver a shelf display unit that assisted and supported consumers in their purchase decision to buy a juicer. The key requirements included being impactful, interactive and influencing all within a minimum height and footprint guide. The aim was to motivate shoppers to buy a Philips QuickClean Juicer through a superior point of purchase on-shelf display that critically was able to draw the attention of the shopper and having done so, continue to engage them so as to communicate the unique features and benefits.


Ensuring the sleek display covered a variety of retail environments including Harvey Norman, Myer and The Good Guys, Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) produced a visually impactful unit which cut through the clutter in the small appliances arena with superior brand prominence. The unit comprising of an acrylic on shelf display plinth and backboard extended the brand messaging with bold 2D and 3D graphics. These graphics visually represented the key product benefit of ‘Maximum juice, Minimum fuss… Cleans in 1minute’ as well as the supporting features unique to each product in the range.

Philips commissioned 250 units which were dispatched to five states nationally.   The CIS display successfully achieved the critical client objectives including impactfulness, interactivity and influential to the buyer.  Importantly the display continued to increase brand awareness in store of Philips as the “World’s No. 1 Juicer Brand”. The unit which was also independently rated by sellcheck™ as being in the 90th percentile of all sellcheck™ scores with strong execution overall, especially relating to ensuring barriers to purchase were addressed with a compelling claim.  Additionally the unit was rated as having great command with bold die cut imagery which provided great scale to the unit and helped break through on shelf.

Most recently the Philips Juicer Plinth scored a coveted GOLD Indian in the Chain, Department Store and Mass Merchant category at the POPAI Australia Marketing at Retail Awards 2014.