Mars Instore Theatre

Since the launch of the M&M brand in 1941 by Mars it has strived to think outside the box, evidence by being the first candy in space in 1982.  It was this drive for innovation that prompted retail objectives for Mars Confectionery to request a move away from the common “sterile” supermarket trend across the category.

Mars had the opportunity to place M&M range units into IGA supermarkets as a permanent freestanding display.  Mars wanted a free standing 360 degree display that held a range of key products as well as providing in-store theatre.   Key requirements included the ability for consumers to be able to shop every side of the unit, which needed to be able to present, and to a certain degree associate brand positioning across multiple product offerings.

The unit which is versatile within a standard planogram, came flat packed (excluding the header) enabling logistical cost advantages.  The additional ability for digital and interactive engagement to include character holding an iPad is an added advantage.

The Mars Instore Theatre has bought the iconic “Yellow” Mars M&M brand character to life in-store.  The excitement and drama created by the display not only brightens the retail space but brings the brand to life for the customer. It also fulfils the design brief which was to develop a display unit, holding multiple brands, giving an in-store confectionery experience.

By highlighting a character synonymous with the M&M brand, the display interrupts shoppers and is  fun and captivating for all.  The removable nature of the injection moulded character also allows for additional store placement away from the main unit to increase incremental impulse sales across the store.

The unique and tactile foam covered helix twist, ensures a dynamic 360 degree shopable unit.  The rotated stock around the innovative helix design, allows for inclusion of subcategory product awareness, covering M&Ms, Pods and Malteasers ,further enhanced with the twisted side graphic.

The unit successfully delivered incremental category sales by prompting impulse purchase due to the captivating design and emotional engagement created by the brand ambassador
Mars’ objective to focus on driving subcategory conversion was exceeded with the introduction of the unit into IGA the unmistakable brand presence utilising the “munchable megastars” campaign drove loyalists and created brand conversions though visual presence at the point of purchase.