HP Shop in JB HiFi

Befitting to its marketing strategy of positioning products as cutting edge, premium and innovative across different IT segments; HP wanted an appropriate partner who could reflect these core themes through the design of its shop-within-a-shop at JB Hi-Fi’s newly launched store in Pitt Street, Sydney.

This concept store was a first for JB Hi-Fi who was developing a computer and AV destination that would be laid out by brand rather than by category. This then created the opportunity for brands to create a store-in-store environment for their products and bring out the core brand identity / equity through the shop floor. HP had the opportunity to create two shop floor destinations – one for their computer products and one for their printer products.

HP needed an appealing, exciting display that was fool-proof to install, manage and shop around, easy to clean and sturdy in design for product interaction. The unit would need to hold various sized printers and computers and incorporate security.   

The challenge was to attract attention from other brands, which may have loyal followers.

The design brief was to clearly develop a shop-within-a-shop that reflected HP’s premium positioning and leadership and set it distinctly apart from other brands instore.

One challenge outlined by JB Hi-Fi was the pillar positioned in the middle of HP’s designated store area. However, Creative Instore Solutions turned this into an opportunity to create a feature highlight with strong branding that would add to the appeal of the store and highlight it across shop floor.

The modular units with built-in modules were made with durable materials to ensure sustainability in a busy retail environment for up to 3 years.

The unit made with laminated MDF, in a high gloss poly-urethane finish included shelves and door frames built as graphic holders.  State-of-the-art, recessed low voltage LED down lights and paneling, further enhanced the frameless glass graphic panels running down the side of the computer display cabinet.

CIS used extraordinary new signage technology – Electro luminescent paper to create strong branding. This technology as the name suggests is as thin as paper, however, the graphics were lit in a sequence to create an animation highlighting the brand logo. The sequence of the animation could be changed easily and quickly through the attached controller. The paper technology uses less power than a typical light box and has an extremely long shelf life.

The intuitive design of the units helped guide shopper engagement with products on the shop floor and through the products. Branding the pillar helped create a central and clear identification point for HP and distinguished it amongst other brands.

The display unit sets the benchmark in the category and segment for premium positioning and shopper engagement with strong branding for immediate recall & maximum real estate ownership.

Each unit has been wired for user simplicity, offering a fast turnaround for merchandisers changing the layout.  Then at the flick of a switch, you can choose which computer screen you would like replicated onto the large monitor on the display header for added impact.  When a unit is to be replaced, it is as simple as pulling the plug from the PC or notebook or printer and then plugging the new one in.  

The smarts within the design ensure the cabinets are lightweight and modular to enable installation to be quick and stress free to fight into the tight timeframe provided by JB Hi-Fi.  The installation went without any hiccups and was commended by JB Hi-Fi and HP.

The store layout enabled salespeople to readily illustrate how HP products complement each other – thus driving up contra product sales. The brand’s clean, professional and modern styling was reflected in the cable management system that was all ‘hidden’ beyond view of consumers. In addition, adjustable shelving, retailers and sales staff also had the benefit of extra lockable storage space at the base of unit.

The modularity concepts that were intrinsically built into the unit ensured that the unit could be replicated at other locations globally, with scalability factored in to fit the varying shop floor layouts. HP used this project to initially test the concept & now the design has been used to create global guidelines for the shop-in-a-shop concept for global roll-out

The concept store was a fantastic footprint for HP to demonstrate the wide product offering they have covering the HP computer and printer technology.