Lion, Dairy & Drinks division approached Creative Instore Solutions to develop an iconic off location display for the Dare product range.  The design which was targeted for the Petrol and Convenience (P&C) A-grade route had a specific need to be flexible in its product branding and planogram requirements to ensure long term ROI for the brand.

Quoting the words of Group CEO Deane Hubball “why does a square box have to be a square box?” the CIS designers went to work.  The design of the fridge was optimised to gain and keep premium in store positioning and achieved these results in hundreds of location nationally. In a break out move for the diary beverage segment, Lion chose to distinguish Dare in a sea of beverage suppliers by adding a digital inclusion.

The aim of the brand was to capture and keep the retail footprint through an engaging and iconic piece that included not only the ability to interchange graphics but also run a digital element to disseminate key brand messages and move with any promotional changes. 

The unit has now successfully moved through multiple promotional changes since capturing the original footprint and continues to be the iconic off location piece for Dare in the P&C environment.

Most recently the Dare Sportsfridge won a GOLD Indian in the Digital and Interactive Solutions (Permanent) category at the POPAI Australia Marketing at Retail Awards 2014.