EXO Launch

Advancing internationally with EXO


When Creative Instore Solutions advanced their focus for export growth through their North American & European companies, it brought to light the need for up to the minute project transparency in their enterprise system.  “When you have the complexity of resources across the globe participating in any single project, it’s vital we have transparency to ensure delivery on time, in full and to budget” announced Georgie Torrens COO.

Creative Instore Solutions (CIS) is a global point of purchase design and manufacturing powerhouse blending creativity with structural engineering to conjure up sustainable designs that drive incremental sales for their globally established clients. It’s been an award winning combination that has seen them work with many household brands. With their head office based in Sydney, they now service their multinational clients from their offices in North America and Europe while managing a global network of design and logistics with manufacturing out of their China industrial centre.

Torrens had to make a decision about replacing their existing ERP system, “The objectives for that decision were the amount of time and resources that it would take to transition to a new system; the operational constraints the current system presented with our project P&L’s integrating labour & expenses from four entities in up to four different currencies, while also setting up a strong foundation for the future in terms of financial transparency.”

CIS’s previous system wasn’t keeping up with the pace the industry had moved to.  They have far less time to develop custom concepts, calculate project estimates and deliver prototypes to client’s. Previously, they had a number of weeks to deliver this, with client’s expectations now as shorts as 48 hours.  This accelerated the need for up to the minute consolidated project P&L’s along with transparent business cashflow requirements in five currencies.  The business required a lot more automated functions from the system that could be delivered within  a timely implementation period and to a budget that offered an adequate ROI.  MYOB’s new product EXO Business met these requirements.

“By setting up an automated real time view of the consolidated project P&L’s, departments now have real time transparency and are armed to make decisions on projects which we feel will provide a higher level of customer service and greater efficiency in driving down costs.  Adding to that, the significant decrease in month end processing allows those in the business to focus ahead more strategically and with far greater knowledge.” added Torrens.

Ronnie Baskind, Managing Director of Kilimanjaro Consulting, acknowledges that “we at Kilimanjaro believe that every implementation is a journey and each one follows a distinct route.  By listening and recognising CIS’ unique needs, we have been able to provide a platform that will deliver an immediate ROI with a system we will collectively mould for business efficiency as they continue to grow their international business. 

MYOB has recognised Kilimanjaro Consulting as their only Diamond Partner.