About Us



Established in 1995, Creative Instore Solutions is a global point of purchase design and manufacture powerhouse that blends creativity with industrial engineering to conceive sustainable designs that build brands and drive incremental sales. With our international team of creative and industrial designers, manufacturers and logistics coordinators, we have the ability to provide end-to-end retail merchandising solutions. Whether it involves permanent, semi-permanent, temporary or customer refrigeration we are ready to bring your brand to life from ideation to creation and deliver it on time and on budget.

With offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Shanghai, we are truly a global provider with customers and products all over the world. At CIS, we pride ourselves with our ability to understand our client’s business objectives, crafting innovative solutions, our ability to execute complexity and delivering quality merchandising systems in a cost effective and time critical environment, resulting in long term successful business relationships. Being innovative means we are constantly reinventing our business processes and building new products that meet our clients’ untapped needs. To date, CIS has won over 70 global and Industry Awards, most recently the 2017 Shop! Global Award for Alcoholic Drinks, Permanent Division. the Premier’s NSW Export Award, Professional and Business Services category 2013.






To be internationally recognised as a highly innovative design organisation who is proactively customer focused and who are highly efficient and effective at supplying point of sale (and instore activation solutions).


Individual Excellence: action orientated, composed, creative, direct and truthful, think logically and critically.

Results Orientated: understands people and issues before acting, drive for results, know what and how to measure and anticipates problems through a focus on systemic improvement.

Teamwork: Clear and respectful communication, accept responsibility, act in the best interest of the company and it’s clients.

Long-Term Approach: identifies trends and devises strategies to improve business processes and outcomes.

Customer Orientated: understand the needs and expectations of external and internal customers, builds effective and long term relationships.